Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break is Over

Watched WM 27 with Johnny last night.  Nothing special.  Best match for me is a toss up between Orton/Punk and Rhodes/Mysterio.  Worst match, 8 man tag which took longer to introduce than the in ring content, but no, even that wasnt the worst match.  As i suspected, the Lawler/Cole match was shit.  Okay, it was the way they used Stone Cold at the event, but WTF, really?!?  Though in his credit, Jerry 'the King' Lawler could STILL step in and play himself in a movie about his feud with Kaufman ala Man on the Moon.  The main event was good enough, the best promo for the Miz Ive seen; even Johnny had to admit that the Miz is legit.  Cena/Rock could be great, though we'll see if Dwayne is actually interested in taking bumps every week/month/quarter, or what?

Good news on the finance front today, though still no job offer.  I have one place to goto after school today for a Sous position, and i have one place to follow up that would be the most convenient option in some time.

Here's something super awesome and interesting National Debt Clock check out the FAQ among other articles.  It pisses me off and really makes me want to be a self sustaining presence.  Go green doesnt even begin to encapsulate my feelings.  I want to be a non presence, live off my labors, and not be bothered by this society shit.  Reality being what it is though, i need to make the best of the world.  Regardless of how my employment situation pans out, this time (my longest ever unemployed) is teaching me and reteaching me some important lessons on priorities and personal management.

Personal management has been weighing heavily on me, collecting a govt check by being in school is rough on me, not just because it not enough to live on.  Anyone who knows me knows that i dont like to ask for help, or handouts, but realities are what they are.

Here i sit blogging about the last week rather than attending Developmental Psych class, is that equivelent though?  I'm working on my writing for English and teaching, I'm collecting my thoughts that are typical for my age, which is all about what that Psych class will be in two weeks.  I'll still make it to math class and hear Dr. J lecture.  Boy, am i ever glad that this is the last day of Wuthering Heights in English.  I forsee that the next book will divide us as well as this one did, along similar lines.

Wow, as i watch the local news break in the national 'news' program, they are pimping the shit out of McDonalds national day of hiring, 55,000 jobs in one day, BIG DEAL, these will be part time jobs that take hours away from the other part time and the full time employees that they have.  Its just a shift away from what most companies have been doing, which is to lay people off and then when a little work comes back their way, they hesitate to rehire or hire fresh and instead add a few hours on to the already full time employees.  Extra hours, with little extra compensation for those left behind, after all, what leverage do they have with their former colleagues eager to return to work.  It's pretty fucked up.

That being said, if they just paid a livable wage, I'd be there.  I can do that job.

Job hunt will go well today!  Thanks dad for the happily received text.  I have DOZENS of auctions going up soon, i came into a great batch of comics.

Please leave comments, they are appreciated.  Tell your friends!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First outdoor plantings

PLanted a few things in the garden yesterday.  First off i transplanted two snow pea plants to see if they could make it without hardening off.  I planted another 15 seeds of this type, i can hardly wait for the stir fry.

Also got my spicy leaf lettuce mix sprinkled, and also dropped in some carrots, and head lettuces, and spinach.  All of these should be able to germinate in the 40s, and with no freeze in sight for 10 days, i decided to take my chances.   Two kinds of spinach, regular leafy green, and a vining summer/heat resistant variety called Malabar spinach.  Once in harvesting malabar, its time to plant another crop of green for fall harvest.

Its going to be a bountiful autumn.  I cant tell you how great the people at sampleseeds are.  They have exotics without having to pay out the nose for hundreds, who needs hundreds?, of varietal seeds.

Now with my 'bringing sexy back' contest with Jerms, and seeing Gareth and Free's garden, i am proposing another challenge, the bountiful harvest challenge.

Gareth, Free, PICS MUST BE POSTED.  Once harvest season has begun, daily pics?  weight?  who is the judge?  I need competition, join in?  Not you Wills, youve got too much area, just us 'suburban' farmers.

There has GOT to be a job waiting out there, spring hires are starting...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wuther What

Wuthering Heights, dont read it unless your either a) some kind of romantic, or b) you really enjoy violent portrayals of every emotion.  On the other hand, it provides a nice jumping off point for our classroom discussions.

Plants are sprouting al over the kitchen.  The flowers in the living room have sprouted.  I have lots more popping up soon.  Now if this damn rain would pass i could go do some lettuce and radish seeding in the garden.

I think this garden is just ambitious enough without being overwhelming.  My boxes are set in the ground, my dirt is filled in, its time to plant!!!  My compost pile is in action, and we've made some minor changes in the kitchen to keep it growing.

Its gonna be a great summer, just wish it would get here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Off, or not

Im NOT letting Jerms win this sexy man contest.  Situps, yard work, fresh greens, F-U Jerms...! lol

Got my seeds in the mail yesterday, I'm gonna spend the afternoon planting and tilling today, whichever i feel like.  Ive got some really fun exotic stuff to plant.  I'm very excited for Ground Cherries.  Hopefully enough to make some jelly.

Off to follow up on a couple job leads this morning, then down to yard clothes.  Steph has plans tonight, so im thinking Gore for St.Paddys.  Im coming for you Gore.....


Monday, March 14, 2011

To FahwNekz or Read?

Complete language as a method to teach reading and spelling, ill take my old fashioned phonics please.  Let me put it this way, competition or self esteem movement?

How did we go down this ridiculous road for so long?  Who the hell is to blame?  where are the fucking policymakers heads?

On to the garden, germination is underway, i can see peas sprouting shoots!!!

Followed up on a promising job lead, in Gareth's kitchen

Ordered up my last issue of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep last week.  24 issues and i can finally read it all.  This is Phillip K Dicks novel (you may know as Blade Runner) put to graphic novel format for the first time.  It is visually stunning, and the story is fantastic.  What makes us Human???

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Day of Gardening

Actually Day 2 today, but here's the rundown:

Sent away for seeds today from SampleSeedCompany.  Why doesnt every place sell seeds this way?  Why would i ever need 100-500 of every damn seed pack?  im just fine with 20-30 quality seeds in a pack, the rest are just going to waste anyway.  I got over 40 exotic seed varieties today for under $50, try that with even mass production crap like Burpee, no go.

Last night i started some Bok Choy, Tomatos in various type, Bell Peppers, PoleBeans, Sugar Snap Peas, and a few herbs i had from last year.  A start, hopefully next weekend ill be starting another 100 plants or so.  C'mon nice weather.

Chicken Coop Looks like a coop now thanks to Chicken Coops for Dummies YAY!!!

Thanks for the great present Will.  Im looking now for a nice selection of layers, 3-6 in number,  I do stil have to finish the run, but with a coop finished, and materials at hand, i can get chicks anytime.

Repotted houseplants today too, bamboo, started 4 spiders in stephs cute daisy pot, planted some flowers in a pot, set up a kitchen herb selection in the window as well.

Moved the freezer into the Kitchen, damn i hate my carpet.

Irredeemable and Incorruptible are two of the best titles on the market right now, and i have the Graphic Novel Collections, CHEAP!!! check out my ebay site, or send me an email.  BRAND NEW BOOKS for LESS than retail, SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR.

I also have a COMPLETE COLLECTION BRAND NEW of Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 1-8
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Friday, March 11, 2011


Spending the morning looking at non existant waves hitting the Oregon coast.  Largest Tsunami in Japan's recorded history, that's pretty big.

There is some great fan generated movie trailers on youtube, and some really bad ones.

Thinking about camping every day it seems.

No new posting on craigslist today for jobs...

This weekend, layout garden, do taxes, read Wuthering Heights...ugh

Math Test this morning, note cards allowed, ugh...why is this a test?

Spent an hour yesterday reading about the History of the Vatican and how it is one of the least legitimate 'countries' in the world. Imagine the mayor of Queens being an international dignitary, sigh... /rant off